4' uplight and base

Uplight is undoubtedly the fluorescent light of the future. Its groundbreaking component design overcomes all of the storage, distribution, handling, stability and performance problems associated with conventional lighting. Indeed, Uplight defeats all of these problems and offers so much more…

anti-shock tube protection
To protect the tube from damage Uplight incorporates an ‘anti-shock tube protection system’.

quick-change tube replacement system
In the event of damage or tube failure, tubes can be replaced quickly and simply. Remove the upper end cap, replace the tube, and then refasten. No tools needed!!!

detachable reflector
In its standard form Uplight is fitted with an aluminium reflector to give a 180º light spread at 3500 lumens. By removing the reflector 360º flooded luminosity is achievable.

robust polycarbonate light diffuser
The diffuser protects the tube from the rigours of the toughest applications. It can even take a hammer blow without incurring subsequent damage!!!

indoor and outdoor compatibility
Rated to IP44 specification, Uplight is suitable for use both indoors and out without any concern for safety. This enables it to cover a vast array of applications construction sites, railways, event hire, garden patios and pathways, outdoor leisure, emergency lighting in hospitals and offices, and domestic DIY.



Power Requirements 110V , 50-60Hz 36W
Height 4'
Brightness 3,500 lumens



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