Mixall Mixer

Mixall Mixers are a most practical and efficient range of machines. They are small enough to be operated single- handed, but have a remarkably large output for their weight and size.
The equipment consists of a pail or drum inserted into a cylindrical cage, which is made to rotate by a motor and gear drive. Paddles are mounted on the frame of the mixer, with their blades inside the pail. As the pail rotates with the cage , the mix is agitated by the paddle blades and forces it into the centre of the pail. the solid blade paddle also pushes the materials upwards, whilst the perforated blade paddles increase the agitation by forcing the materials through its perforations.

The 32Ltr drums are easily replaced simply by lifting out of the frame, which makes it a very versatile machine for mixing different colour materials or changing from resins to adhesives,mortars or cements in seconds. These drums can be purchased separately if required

Heavy Duty Solid Paddle (standard)

For mixing epoxy resins, adhesives, mortars, cements, etc.

Perforated Paddle

For mixing Liquid plastics, paints, polyester resins, powders, etc.


Motor 110v 1 hp 2.5kva
Length 660mm
Width 355mm
Height 762mm
Power Requirements 110V , 50-60Hz
Mixing Drum 32ltr



  • Widest range of specialist floor preparation equipment in the UK.
  • Unique high technology products.
  • Exacting maintenance standards.
  • Out of office hours emergency hot-line.
  • Full back up service.

Five Star Support

If you are hiring a machine you are unfamiliar with we can demonstrate on site if required. For you to work competently and safely .

We can deliver and collect to most areas of the country to save you time. During the hire any problems that may occur will not be problems for long. We aim to repair or replace faulty machinery as soon as possible.

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